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"Your body is a work of art. It tells a story, and every curve, scar, and stretch mark is a testament to your strength and resilience." - Unknown

Hi and Welcome!! I'm Melissa and I am here to help you get prepared for your boudoir session! Let's celebrate your unique beauty and get you ready for your experience. Often, one of the first questions I get after booking is "What do I wear?!", but there is so much more to consider before your session.

Preparing for a boudoir session is quite the journey! (Especially if you are going on "The Deep Dive" with me!) It's an experience that goes far beyond selecting the perfect lingerie and working through poses. My goal is to truly capture your essence, help you embrace your sensuality, and celebrate your body in its entirety (scars, stretchmarks, rolls and all).

In this post, we'll be focusing on wardrobe; how many pieces you should be bringing, what colors to consider, how revealing, where to find items, and other pieces that are great to bring,

Melissa Dean Boudoir - Las Cruces Boudoir Photographer | What to wear for your boudoir session

"True beauty is not about perfection. It's about being yourself, embracing your uniqueness, and loving the skin you're in." - Unknown

I decided to switch this to a list format to make it a little easier to read. we go!

What types of lingerie are suitable for a boudoir session?

  • Boudoir sessions typically involve a range of lingerie styles, including bras, panties, corsets, bodysuits, babydolls, teddies, and stockings. Choose pieces that make you feel confident and showcase your personality.

Let's hold on for a second here. It just occurred to me that this might be the first time you've even heard of some of these terms! Let's break these down a little, just in case! When you're looking for lingerie, you'll find that the possibilities are endless! There are so many different cuts and styles!

  • Bra: The foundation of most lingerie sets, bras provide support and shape to the breasts. They come in different styles such as balconette, push-up, plunge, bralette, and more.
  • Panties: These are underwear bottoms designed to match or complement bras. Panties come in different styles including briefs, thongs, hipsters, boyshorts, and bikini.
  • Babydoll: A short, flowing nightgown or negligee, typically made from lightweight fabrics like silk or chiffon. Babydolls often feature lace or sheer details and can be paired with matching panties.
  • Chemise: Similar to a babydoll, a chemise is a short, sleeveless dress that skims the body. It can be made from various fabrics and may include lace, satin, or silk.
  • Corset: A fitted, boned garment that cinches the waist and supports the bust. Corsets are traditionally laced up at the back and can create an hourglass silhouette.
  • Bustier: Similar to a corset, a bustier is a form-fitting top that emphasizes the bust and waist. It often extends to the waist or hips and can be worn as lingerie or paired with outerwear.
  • Teddy: A one-piece garment that combines a top and panties in a single piece. Teddies can be made from various materials and may have cutouts, sheer panels, or intricate designs.
  • Garter Belt: A belt worn around the waist or hips, featuring straps to hold up stockings. Garter belts are often paired with thigh-high stockings to create a classic, sensual look.
  • Bodysuit: A one-piece garment that covers the torso and can include various designs, such as low-cut necklines, backless styles, or sheer panels. Bodysuits can be worn as lingerie or paired with outerwear.
  • Robe: A loose, open-front garment that can be worn over lingerie for added elegance or as a cover-up during a boudoir session. Robes are available in different lengths, fabrics, and styles.

Cheers to for this perfect list that helped me break it down super fast! #worksmarter:)

Should I bring multiple lingerie sets or outfits?

  • I recommend bringing 3-4 sets to your session. I also have options available in my client closet!

What colors and styles work best for boudoir photography?

  • This is a great question! I don't really believe there's a right answer here. Colors and styles are personal. You can't go wrong with a classic black look. My personal favorites are jewel tones! As for styles, I would go for items that highlight your favorite features.

How revealing should the lingerie be?

  • This is 100% dependent on your comfort level. You have complete control over how revealing you would like to be. There are also options for implied nude and more modest options if you're worried. This is definitely something we'll chat about together!

Do I need to wear matching lingerie sets?

  • Need to? No. Pick what you feel good in. These photos are for you, so whatever makes you feel confident and comfortable is a great place to start!

What should I consider when selecting lingerie for my body type?

  • Consider lingerie that accentuates your body's natural curves and flatters your specific body type. For example, if you have an hourglass shape, a corset or a teddy can emphasize your waist. If you're looking to elongate your legs, consider pairing stockings with garter belts.

Can I incorporate non-lingerie items, such as robes or oversized sweaters, into the session?

  • Absolutely! Incorporating non-lingerie items like robes, oversized sweaters, or even props can add variety and creativity to your boudoir session. They can create a cozy and sensual atmosphere or offer a different aesthetic to the images. Once again, these are for you!

Can you recommend any specific lingerie brands or stores?

  • Some popular lingerie brands include Victoria's Secret, Agent Provocateur, La Perla, and Savage x Fenty. Clients have been having a lot of success with Amazon! Eros in Las Cruces is also an option.

Are there any specific fabrics or textures that photograph well?

  • Fabrics like lace, silk, satin, and mesh tend to photograph well as they add texture and visual interest to the images. Sheer fabrics can create a sense of allure and delicacy. Experiment with different fabrics to see what works best for your desired look.

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