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I think it's really important that you hear from others about their experience.
Every experience I share with my clients is unique.
Every woman is different.
If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Frequently asked questions
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It took me about a month of sitting with the idea of asking Melissa do to my boudoir photos and a good, stiff cocktail before I actually hit “send”. Melissa is known for holding you accountable to commitments, which I for one appreciate and absolutely require.

As per my usual- I was going to text her a week before the appointment to cancel; but instead, I text her asking if I need to look up poses.

Not only did I get re-affirmation that I, in fact, did not need to do any leg work, but also received a pep-talk.

I will say that the leading up to the session was the hardest part. Once I was there, Melissa had her huge speaker for music and asked what I liked to listen to. I picked a song, and a playlist was made.

She rocked my world. It was like hanging out with myself, my music, and a lot of lights that made me feel beautiful.

She guided me to get sooo in my head (yet soooo out of it at the same time). I only remember hearing a calm voice (hers) saying “straighten out your arm” and “just dance”!

We ended the shoot when I felt like we’d left it all out there on the court (lame sports reference).

Like a great conversation happened and there was nothing left unsaid.

It was so funny; I was felt so proud and I only saw one sneak peak of a photo. The next few days went by and I was still feeling so heard and satisfied! Then the photos came🧨.

Bottom line- book the damn session. You WONT regret it.

-Miss C


Tell us how you felt before & after your shoot!

Miss E.

Before our boudoir shoot, self empowerment and inner strength was something I struggled with. I’m someone who is their own worst critic, and like many of us, but I hide my inner turmoil really well. I don’t often show my struggles on a daily basis.

During the boudoir shoot, I learned to trust myself and hone in on my inner strength. Being almost naked in front of a camera is scary! So facing that fear made me feel truly empowered and strong. I also felt some mixed emotions—will my photos embody the way I felt during, am I going to like how I look? What if I don’t like them and all those good feelings go away….again, my worrying mind and inner dialogue needed to just TRUST HERSELF.

After seeing the photos, I actually cried, there is one in specific that I looked at and thought wait is that me?? And then I was like damn that is me….and I am worthy of loving myself, trusting myself, honing in on my strength and pushing my fears to the side.

The whole experience changed me in so many ways & I often revisit the photos, to remind myself of who I am & to be proud of that.

Miss S.

When I booked I felt confident, I booked a bit in advance and figured I had time to “get photo ready”

Turns out I only checked off a few “to do items” before the week of my session.

As the days ticked by I started to question myself, was this the right thing to do🥴 was it worth the $$, what if - what if - what if…

Then the morning of I woke up with breakouts… ugh the added stress.

I contemplated canceling but I went to get my hair and makeup done (Emily Lynn Brown) and she helped calm

My nerves and she absolutely nailed my hair and makeup! I left there feeling ready, confident, and I was able to convince myself that backing out was not an option!

Arrival- adrenaline got me in the door and Melissa immediately put me At ease.

We discussed my fears, my feelings, my desires, my whys, and my hall pass 😅

She custom made a playlist of my favorite music and when she turned it up I got lost, lost in the comfort, the fun, the thrill, and when my mojo slipped or when she felt I was nervous about the position, she would show me a sneak peek and I would immediately rally!

Not once did I feel uncomfortable, insecure, judged or embarrassed- for what felt like the first time ever I was proud of my body, proud of me and that’s a feeling I’ll never let go of. I left there with my head held high and on cloud 9.


Then the wait…. Oh my gosh

The level of nerves I had the morning of the reveal was insane. I was convinced I was not going to like the photos, I was terrified that I would cringe or cry… and then I cried. The initial photo reveal had me in tears, I had goosebumps and I found myself in speechless utter delight.

I promise you - the hardest part of the entire experience is narrowing down the photos!


I am her!


We all deserve the opportunity to love ourselves - from every angle, each dimple, all the scars, the “imperfections”

➡️ Grant yourself the grace to see YOU through the lens of Melissa- I promise you won’t regret it!


Miss A.

Before: Undeserving but excited. Nervous about how I would move and if my facial expressions would look okay. Really pretty. Vulnerable and underprepared but trusting. I felt a lot actually. 😅

Immediately after: On a high and fulfilled. In disbelief that I did it and that it seemed to go so well. I legitimately had fun. Like amusement park fun.

Shortly after that: guilty. 🙄 I had to work through the feeling that I was not supposed to be overtly “sexy”. Had to take back my power. Check. Done. 😉

While getting the pictures: overwhelmed and in awe. Couldn’t believe how good I looked. Giddy. So grateful.

After showing my husband: on a high again. Ignited as a woman. I felt so secure in my body. So powerful. Validated.

A few weeks later: the feeling faded and I missed it. I wanted to feel that power all the time. So I put a picture one of the pics on my phone background to remind myself that I AM HER.

Now: itching to do it again and become a 34 year old mom model. lol 😉😆

"I had a soul session scheduled with Melissa last year. This photo shoot was completely out of my comfort zone. I have struggled immensely since I was a very young girl with my self-image. I came from a childhood environment that was hypercritical of my body and the aesthetics of my appearance. Melissa has done multiple family photo shoots for me over the years and would perfectly capture every candid


I knew I could trust her with the new level of vulnerability that I was working through.

I have chosen over the years to always be the photographer and never the subject, mainly due to my lack of self-worth and self- criticizing nature. I felt small, unseen and unworthy to expose myself both physically and emotionally. The soul session photo shoot was cathartic for me. Melissa created an experience that was comfortable, empowering and transcending. She encouraged my inner Goddess to be present and powerful. For the first time in years, I felt absolutely beautiful. I was able to release so many preconceived negative ideas I’ve had of myself.

I recognized that my humility and transparency can be an inspiration to others.

The soul session with Melissa brought out a new level of awareness that spoke directly to my inner child (my younger self). If I could go back in time, I would’ve told my younger self that she would be so proud to see how far, how resilient and how beautiful she would become.

The new level of self-love and worthiness after my soul session has been intangible and immeasurable.

Thank you Melissa, for capturing this precious time in my life (the closing of 3 decades.)" - Miss V.


Tell us how you felt before & after your shoot!

Miss F.

Before🙃I felt excited but mostly terrified I wouldn’t live up to my own expectations or come out like these amazing women she photographs.

During 😬I was nervous but she made me feel so at ease and talked me through it all. Even when I felt awkward and she empowered me to be the person I was envisioning.

After😎Definitely boosted my confidence but days after I was nervous that I didn’t prepare properly. (should have had done my makeup better/ Should have worked out harder)

The reveal ✨ she captured the person I’ve always thought I could be, when I feel most confident. I’m so thankful I pulled the trigger and did it! When I’m feeling down I look at them and remember I am her 🤩

Miss S.

I felt nervous… nervous…was upset that I hadn’t hit my goal weight. But went through with it anyways. Not to mention the fact that I was posing with my daughter being the photographer and I just knew I was going to hate them all. But no i did not hate them. I loved them. Sat down with my bestie Jennifer Stull and looked through them with her and her reaction was the best. Then showed them to my husband who absolutely loved the photos and has one of the pictures as his screensaver on his phone…eeeek. But it’s an amazing feeling to know that after 30+ years he finds you sexy. To feel sexy at 54 is amazing. So glad I did it.

Miss A.

Before: I have a tendency to overthink things, so on my way over to Melissa’s I had thoughts of making every/any excuse not to go, but then I remembered my why. I am doing this for me. It’s not often that we mom’s get to do things for ourselves. I wanted to remember myself as I am, in this moment, and at this age.

During the shoot I was nervous at first, but Melissa was nothing short of amazing. She made me feel comfortable being me in my own skin in very little clothing. She had nothing but empowering kind words to say. She was being Melissa.

After the shoot, I felt like a confident new woman. I know I stood a bit taller that day. It was the first time I’d been in front of the camera with lingerie on and didn’t shudder at the thought of taking pictures. Thank you for capturing me and for being you Melissa.💕

Often photography is ‘mechanical’ science -there’s an object, a position, certain lighting, and a click, and a photo is taken. The general interpretation of photography I believe is skewed. . . So many ‘need’ a photographer because they have a box to check off on their life list of documenting something. That leads me to my question. If you’re documenting something, HOW do you want the memory to remain in your mind, body, and future? And isn’t that what the goal is? Is the process of this to be draining or just as fulfilling as the moment itself?


My journey with Melissa has heightened my standards in general for my expectations from any experience I choose to go on in my path in life. If you are documenting a specific moment in time, you may lose touch with that memory trying to document it. This is why I say:

Your environment is your outcome. This is why Melissa absolutely shines. I have never been unsure, questioning, or worried about the outcomes because the atmosphere that Melissa created didn’t require it.


Melissa sets the tone of the memory by ensuring the quality of the documentation process is just as special as the moment you’re trying to remember. Keeping the dignity of the original intention while embracing the constant chaos that is the creative process, especially ensuring the photographer isn’t jaded.  of whatever you’re doing from the beginning of your first conversation with her.


I can attest to Melissa’s many qualities because I have witnessed them in many, many ways. First, I met Melissa in a professional setting by having mutual clients at events and weddings. I have had the privilege to watch her as she interacted with our clients and delivered pictures of some of the most important and passionate moments of their lives and emulated that through her photographs … Next, we collaborated on our passion – cannabis. Connecting over brands and benefits of the plant we worked as a team to display wonderful brands we believed in while supporting each other’s growth. Since these experiences, I have now gotten the opportunity to shoot not once but four times; each time a completely different concept, setting, and tone.  All themes and goals of the project were made doable by the unity between the person behind and the one in front of the camera. Often, they’re so disconnected.  The quality of the environment in which photographers put their clients IS the outcome- before, during, and after I feel prepared to handle what we will be doing even when it’s a challenge. This value in a photographer is what makes a boudoir so tricky. Guiding a client into moments of sensitive exposure and emotion while still needing to complete the tasks is my favorite thing about Melissa.  -Miss S


Tell us how you felt before & after your shoot!

Miss K.

Before- a complete rollercoaster of emotions. But determined to trust Melissa’s process and not to let my version of “perfection” cloud the experience.

After- Honestly a little shocked at how at ease I felt throughout the whole process. Tears of joy were shed- not only did I feel beautiful and powerful physically, but mentally empowered as well. I would definitely do it again. 🖤

Miss A.

Before - I was nervous and thinking I would look silly doing sexy poses and was not looking forward to feeling vulnerable.

After - I felt confident and empowered. Melissa made me feel normal; encouraged and motivated me with compliments. I had so much fun!

Miss A.

I’ve always found that when I shoot with you, it comes at a perfect time. I have been in really low emotional points when it has come time to create and afterwards I always feel a sense of release and pride in my self. I always feel like a bigger woman. Getting the pictures back, I feel like I get to see my self the way other people look at me. I love shooting and this is hands down my favorite shooting experience everytime!!!