A little about my studio.

Welcome to my sacred space, nestled within the heart of my home. Here, you'll find a complete section of the home dedicated to your journey of self-exploration and empowerment. My intention was to create a safe space where you can be free to just BE. When you walk through my door, I want you to feel at home. Where you can feel comfortable and at ease. Music echoes through the studio and we can work together to break through your insecurities, where you are free to let go, be vulnerable, and embrace the beauty of your true self.

Scenes you can expect at your session: The bed, the mirror, the blue couch, the shower, the brick, the red sheets, the black backdrop, and the sweater.

The sweater is its own special thing. Definitely check out the link for that under the portfolio tab.

Based in Las Cruces, NM