It’s been awhile since I’ve made a personal update! I always update about the kids but that’s super easy since I am so beyond proud of them!

I’ve still been on a self care journey, and I’m truly super proud of my progress there. I feel like a completely different person than I was 3 years ago. I’m loving the shift. Two years ago I stepped way out of my comfort zone and shared about my journey with cannabis and therapy. I still use cannabis daily to help with my mental health, and though I’ve currently stopped going to therapy (for now) I have found some truly awesome, thought provoking and uplifting content that has aided me in my transition out of therapy. If you’re interested, I highly recommend Stutz on Netflix. It’s a documentary that Jonah Hill produced, and it was amazing in my opinion. I find myself using many of the topics they discuss. It’s less than a two hour watch, though Koko and I would often pause it and talk about how we related or how we could implement some of the tools. My biggest takeaways (though this often changes based on where I’m at in my journey) are “Part X”, “The Snapshot”, and “String of Pearls” probably in that order currently. The one that I try to keep at the forefront though is “The Grateful Flow”. It’s a game changer for sure! I’d love to know if you’ve seen it and what part sticks out to you!

Also, Sadhguru- he is just lovely and I can’t help smiling any time I hear him talk! And finally Gary Vee, I love his positivity and how he inspires people that there is still plenty of time to do what you love.

I feel like we finally have balance with the kids and their activities. I’m coaching Micah’s soccer team, and we’re running Mas and Mia around to their practices nearly daily. I’m also playing in a women’s over 30 soccer league (something I NEVER thought I’d be able to do) and I’m finding that the competitive outlet is SO freeing. I’m also doing girls night out kickball and that is such a fun release. Finding active things to do with people I love has also helped my mental health in a big big way!

Now, my focus is in growing our business. Something I’ve always struggled with as I never think I’m good enough to be successful. Finally, I’m breaking through that barrier and deciding that what I’m doing is not only fulfilling but brings value as well.

We have shifted much of our focus into the Cannabis Industry. Our role is providing product photography and branding and I have loved our transition over here. Product photography was a passion I didn’t know I had, but it calls to me on so many different levels! I also adore branding work and essentially creating photo documentation of these businesses that people have put their heart and soul into building. I know how much work goes into building a business, so bringing their products to light with my style and seeing how much people love their photos has been so rewarding!

We also still have our MJK family photography business and probably always will as it has a special place in my heart.

And now I have my passion project. My new unexpected love. I'm so excited to bring my boudoir experience to Las Cruces. I'm thrilled to show women how beautiful they truly are.

If you’re working through things, keep going & keep growing. Find things that feed your soul. Find happiness in gratitude. And if you have any questions about cannabis or anything else, I’m a safe a space, always.