Melissa - Your Boudoir Photographer & Self-Love Guide

Hey there, gorgeous!

So, picture this: I've been on this wild ride as an artist for over a decade, capturing stories through my lens. Always playing the role of the observer, I've been drawn to the fluidity of movement and those intimate one-on-one sessions, especially with women, where I get to witness their unique journeys and help them tell their stories.

But then, something happened—I had what I like to call 'The Shift.' It all started with a dear friend and client who inspired me to dive deeper into my artistry. She wanted a realistic boudoir shoot, embracing her imperfections, stretch marks and all. The vibe during that session was electric, transformative even.

This experience sparked something within me. I realized that my own journey involved overcoming some serious challenges—introversion, perfectionism, worthiness, and my own self-love. But in a big moment of vulnerability, I decided it was time to stop hiding and create a business that truly reflects who I am—'Perfectly Imperfect.' I decided to get myself in front of my camera and embrace who I am too. (Pictured here!)

My mission? To carve out a safe space where we can get real about life. Together, we'll whip up some stunning art while lifting each other up to embrace our true selves.

Screw society's beauty standards; let's throw a party for who we are.

Ready to dive into this journey with me?

Because the fact is, you are beautiful, your journey is beautiful, and your life is beautiful. Now, it's time for you to *feel* as beautiful as you truly are.













Emily - Your Hair & Make-up Artist & Hype Queen

Emily isn't just a makeup artist; she's an indispensable part of our team and your hype girl throughout the session! With an impressive eight years of experience in hair and makeup, her expertise is immeasurable, and her passion for her craft shines through in every stroke.

For me, having Emily on board has been an absolute game-changer. Her talent and dedication have elevated our work to new heights, ensuring that every client feels like the most beautiful version of themselves. Emily also helps relieve pre-session nervousness as she chats with you about life, love, insecurities, and everything in-between.

What I love most about Emily is her genuine love for her clients. There are very few things that make her happier than seeing the sheer joy and confidence on your faces when you feel your most beautiful.