A little behind the scenes

Yes, this is me, and posting this was terrifying. You may not know it, but I'm incredibly modest. Two years ago, I couldn't have imagined posting a photo like this publicly. I've always preferred to be invisible, stay anonymous, and be comfortable and cozy. I used to doubt myself and my worth regularly.

But I've done the work to begin accepting and loving myself, although the word 'love' still sounds strange when I say it about myself. I think of it more as self-acceptance. I've come to accept who I am and what I've overcome in life. This image and sharing it publicly are a testament to that journey.

I still see things that once made me feel fearful and ashamed, but my relationship with them has changed. I don't see flaws; I see uniqueness. We've been conditioned to expect perfection, but we don't have to anymore. Our bodies, our skin, our unique traits are not flawed. Only the way we think about them is flawed.

You are beautiful, and I've accepted that I am too. I'm here asking you to be vulnerable and face your insecurities because I've been through it too. I don't just empathize with you; I am you.