Las Cruces, NM Boudoir Photographer

Invest in this experience and emerge.

Las Cruces Boudoir Photographer

Set your intention, dive deep and go for it.

You can’t do anything wrong. Everything is without judgement. It’s my hope to see your muchness. You’ll get what you put into this session.

Prepare to open up, to be vulnerable, and have some fun with this experience.

Sessions take place Tuesday through Friday at 10:30am.

Prices starting at $999

The Deep Dive

A healing journey and boudoir session, focusing on making peace with your insecurities and exploring self-love.

The Experience:

Consultation and Booking

I'm here for you. This can be nerve-racking, but just know, you don't have to go through this alone. We will work together every step of the way.

Initial Questionnaire/Chat

After booking, we'll be discussing your insecurities, your hopes and intentions for the session.

Check-In Challenges, Journal Prompts and Coaching Questions

This is where we start diving in. Things may feel uncomfortable, but I am here to help guide you along. We talk quite a bit leading up to your session.

Lingerie Guidance and List

What looks good on your body type? What colors are best for your skin tone? I will help you find the perfect pieces, plus I have a link to send your way with affordable options.

2-hour Session Experience in Studio

We set intentions for the session. We break in and do some more self-love work. We blast music. We dance. We let go of insecurities. We embrace the experience together.

Full Body Posing

I've got you!! You don't have to worry one bit about how to pose for your session. I will demonstrate and walk you through every step of the way!

Access to Client Closet

I have a beautiful client closet of lingerie, body jewelry, body suits, and corsets available to use for the session. All pieces are clean and sanitized.

Professional Editing & Master Art Retouching

I narrow down your gallery to the absolute best 50-60 images, complete with my signature Master Art Retouching.

(Please scroll down to see FAQs regarding Photoshop)

Follow Up Check-In

You made it to the session! You did a TON of work! Now we put it all together and see how you're feeling after, what you want to work on next, and start getting excited for the reveal!

In Person Reveal

I believe this one is SO important! I don't want you to chance sitting by yourself and falling into old habits of tearing yourself apart. You are absolutely gorgeous, and we are going to sit together, laugh and reminisce about our experience leading up to this point!! Then I'll help you select your 20 images! (Reveals take place Tuesday-Friday at 1pm)

20 Digital Images for Download

Your top 20 selections for download in high resolution

The Boudoir Experience 

No need for the healing journey? No problem! It's time you do something for you. Let's kick back and make some magic!


  • 2-hour Session Experience in Studio
  • Full Body Posing
  • Access to Client Closet
  • Professional Editing & Master Art Retouching of the Best 50-60 images for selection
  • In Person Reveal (Reveals take place Tuesday-Friday at 1pm)
  • 20 Digital Images

The Boudoir Session 


  • 1-hour Session Experience in Studio
  • Full Body Posing
  • Professional Editing & Master Art Retouching of the Best 15-20 images for selection
  • In Person Reveal (Reveals take place Tuesday-Friday at 1pm)
  • 8 Digital Images

Booking Process:

Upon booking, your 50% non-refundable retainer is due. The session fee includes but is not limited to administrative duties, session time, and professional editing & retouching of your images. Additional Digital Images start at $250 each. Payment plans are available. Payment must be finalized before session takes place.

A la Carte 


A la Carte Items:

Professional Hair and Makeup - $140

Make-Up Only - $65

A la Carte: After Session

handcrafted by our all-female team

Luxury Art Album

Las Cruces Boudoir Photographer
Las Cruces Boudoir Photographer
Las Cruces Boudoir Photographer
Las Cruces Boudoir Photographer

One gorgeous album, three different sizes.

8x8 | 10x10 | 12x12


-10 beautiful spreads of your top 20-35 images

-Our handmade signature album preservation box that fits your album perfectly

-Your choice of a photo cover or fabric cover (Color/Texture swatches available)

handcrafted by our all-female team

Premium Metal Wall Art

Las Cruces Boudoir Photographer
Las Cruces Boudoir Photographer

Showstopping wall art, two different sizes.

16x24 | 20x30

handcrafted by our all-female team

Deluxe Boxed Art Set

With 20 digital images on USB & matching 5x7 prints

Let's get deep.

My Why.

My why is simple.

My journey with my self image was always a struggle.

The healing I've recently experienced has changed my life.

Now I want to change yours.

This experience isn't about stripping down your clothes;

it's about stripping away your negative thoughts and self-doubt.

Vulnerability and honesty will change your life.

It's an experience to celebrate your journey,

to face something that scares you and going through with it anyway.

This is self-care which leads to self love.

Self love leads to happiness.

And after all, don't we deserve to be happy?

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not comfortable sharing my images online. Is that okay?

100% okay!! Your session with me is completely private and images are NEVER shared anywhere without your permission.

If you decide that you're okay with it, you will FIRST get an image release with the specific image number and how and where it will be used.

I'm worried about my body. can you photoshop me?

First things first. You are absolutely gorgeous just as you are. This whole experience is to help you see yourself in a new light. I want to help you face yourself and finally see beyond the flaws. I will definitely photoshop bruises, acne, and anything that is not permanent. I also fully retouch your skin, but I will not be altering your body. You have had a hell of a journey. Be proud of what your body has done with you.

do i have to get naked?

Absolutely not. You can wear as little or as much clothing as you'd like. This is your experience. You are in full control of the boundaries.

how long will the session take?

This varies, if you are adding on hair and make-up, I'd expect to set aside about 3.5 hours. Hair and Make-up takes about an hour (though sometimes runs over) and with outfit changes and posing breaks, it can easily hit that 3 hour mark.

No hair or make-up? Set aside a solid 2 hours and 20 minutes!

can i bring a friend with me on the day of my session?

When the session is 1 on 1, that's when the environment is perfect for vulnerability and connection.

When you step into more than that, it becomes a production and the vibe is entirely different, no matter how comfortable you may be around that additional person.

Flying solo to something is scary, intimidating, anxiety inducing... trust me I get it. Letting go of control is equally so. But you must trust in yourself, your decisions, and your capabilities. Remove the safety net, and dare to jump.

Will you pose me?

Of course!! You don't need to worry about that at all! I will guide you every step of the way!

What do you do with my images after the session?

Such a good question! For the sake of safety and trust, I only store the photos on site for 45 days. Once you download your images and if you decide to order products I delete the photos. Your photos will be hosted in a password protected online gallery for 30 days.